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Modern Warefare 2: The pinnacle of FPS!


Well the wait is finally over and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is upon us!

And boy was it worth the wait! This game is phenomenal and ate up much of my time (and my other halfs patience) yeaterday.

Firstly the games graphics really are the finest I’ve seen in any FPS so far, believeable, lifelike and breathtaking. The scenery is stunning and full of life and movement, the flames, explosions and particle effects are jaw-droppingly realistic. The animation on how things move and interact with the scenery is just flawless. Even the charecters faces in certain cut-scenes and non-playable sections are so full of emotion its untrue – this is an area in which FPS’s traditionally struggle and infinity ward have really hit the nail on the head with this one. The enviroments, be it snowy wastes, brazilian slums, russian sub bases or afghan towns really help the graphics engine shine.

shot 3

The physics behind the visuals are equally impressive, bullets ricochet off of riot shields , cars explode and if the wheels fall off, then they roll down hill coming to rest at the bottom, windows smash, towers fall, it’s all just absolutely awesome.

shot 2

As for the gameplay, well in single player the missions are varied in terms of locale and objective, they’re full of excitement and dramatic set pieces  – it really is the stuff your HDTV and surround sound set-up were made for! What it lacks in terms of plot depth it more than makes up for in non-stop action.

shot 1

Although single player is fun, this game really excels in the multiplayer department. Call of duty is already recognised as having one of (if not the) best online multiplayer of any FPS title, but with the latest incarnation infinity ward have really outdone themselves. Take all that made the previous games multiplayer great and then build on it and you end with perfection. Kill streaks are now customisable, death streaks are introduced to help you out if your getting pwned by geeky live-at-home even though their 35, play games all day no girlfriend yanks. Customisable (and visible in game)banners and emblems are present and correct. More challenges, and end of round awards for a variety of criteria are here alongside the usual comprehensive array of differing game types. I would go as far as to say this is the best online FPS experience of all time. I’ll be amazed to see how this is topped.

In summary is it worth all the hype….

I think so, but only if you are a gamer and already into FPS games will you fully appreciate the subtlties of the game. As a casual fan you may may question the hype, but certainly not the quality of this fantastic game.

So play your 80’s power tune, create a heavily edited montage scene of you putting knife in sheath, loading gun, tying headband, putting on camo etc and get in on the action

See you in there


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