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The Sky’s the Limit

skyhdWell, better late than never!

I’m now part of the Sky HD posse, and I must say its really rather good!

Much better than I thought it would be, I’m finding I watch lots of mundane documentary content of little to no interest to me at all, just because it looks eye-poppingly gorgeous.

The new GUI is so much better than its predecesssor, mini TV preview, better navigation and quicker response times combined to deliver IMHO an industry leading EPG

If any of you are on the fence about upgrading to Sky HD let me advise you. DO IT! I deliberated for far too long and missed out on loads of content.

Since upgrading a collegue has also taken the plunge, and now we do A – B standard def to high def comparisons over the phone in real time – yes we are geeks, yes we are proud.

Right – off to watch antiques roadshow HD, I must see every wrinkle ;p


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