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Awards Ahoy!

 Well its almost upon us! Award season….

It all kicks off with The Stuff awards tomorrow night followed by What hifi, then T3 in the next couple of weeks.

I’ll be updating Techtramp directly from the event with lists of winners and probably some pix of drunk industry carnage!


Categories are as follows; I’ve also included my predictions, sorry couldn’t resist a little dig 😉

  • Gadget of the year (Probably iPhone)
  • Phone of the year  (Probably iPhone)
  • Camera of the year (Damn apple don’t do cameras, so could be anyones guess)
  • Sat-nav of the year (iPhone via GPS maps app)
  • Portable media player of the year (iPod Touch – just to mix it up a bit)
  • Computer of the year (iMac)
  • TV of the year (Apple mac monitor)
  • Audio product of the year (iPhone)
  • Home product of the year (Apple TV)
  • Cool toy of the year (iPhone)
  • Sports product of the year (nike + ipod)
  • Watch of the year (iPhones built in clock)
  • International brand of the year (Apple)
  • Celebrity gadget blagger of the year (ey? weird category.. err..?)
  • Shameless product placement (Stuff themselves and Apple haha)
  • All are decided for by Stuffs “expert” panel but they don’t actually mention who is on this panel.

    Knowing Tom Dunmore,  it probably consists exclusivley of  Apple employees 🙂

    More info tomorrow….


    2 Responses to “Awards Ahoy!”

    1. Thanks for this even-handed appraisal of the evening. Nothing like lobbing grenades from behind the barricades of internet anonymity, ey?

      Enjoy the awards – but please note, the results are embargoed until the launch of the November issue of Stuff on October 1.

      Not that it matters much when your predictions are so spot on…

    2. Tom,

      Apologies for any offence. None intended 🙂

      It’s a light hearted take on things, and in fairness you do seem to like apple
      more than most 😉

      See you at the gig

      P.s Sent from my iPhone, irony

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