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Im very Appy :)

How good is the new app store for iPhone 3G (and 2G with 2.0 or above firmware). I’m over the moon with it!

Ive been downloading left, right and centah! The interface is fantastic its very simple to use and has search functionality alongside browse, new and a handy update notifier automatically informing you of new updates to any apps you have already downloaded and installed. There’s also a reviews section for each app alowing star ratings and user experience. Charming

I simply must share my top finds list below,

1. Facebook

A must for facebook users, fast to load, friend lists, status updates, your message box and wall scribblings a plenty! Perfect iPhone interface makes great use of the touch screen. It’s not perfect events don’t show and you cant accept or see friend requests but hey, nothings perfect! right?!

2. TubeStatus

Absolute godsend. This is the kind of thing the App store is all about – simple, imformative, clean interface, perfect. Gives up to the minute information on the status of all of London underground lines. Click on a line for more detailed information. Brilliant.

3. Twinkle

Keep up to date with your twitter account here. Allows you to post tweets, shows your followed tweets, private messages, and has a handy vicinity feature which uses gps/phone masts to find your location and then shows all incoming tweets from within 50km of your location. you can also take and post phototweets. nice. If your twittered up then as with the facebook app this is a must!

4. Urbanspoon

If you like eating out – and lets face it, who doesn’t!, then this app is for you. Uses GPS to find your location (or tap it in manually) then comes upwith a list of districts, food types and price on one-armed bandit style rollers. Feel free to “hold” any wheels you like and shake your iPhone to spin the others, when they stop spinnin chi-ching theres your restauraunt. view address, maps, phone no and reviews.

There’s also a manual browse function if your not as adventurous as some.

5. WordPress

Got a blog like this one? get the wordpress app then. iPhone optimesed interface, of course, add posts and take and include photos if the need takes you. Blogging is truelly mobile.

Well, there’s my top five. Download em now! go on, NOW!


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