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…and the survey says!

So Im doing my Saturday morning tech news trawl (yes sad I know) and came across an absolutely hilarious article on

It’s an update on the smartphone wars i.e blackberry vs iphone for those of you who live under a rock. and it comments on a new survey thats taken place.

3,567 consumers were surveyed on RIM’s new Blackberry line up. They were given a description and brief feature outline then asked their views.

The results are hilariously poor, just 4% very likely to buy the new Blackberry Bold and 13% somewhat likely to buy.

Here’s the funny part, the website then posts graphs with the figures making it look like a success (the maximum is 15% rather than 100% so the graphs bars look pretty impressive – actually there horsepi*s! )

The story continues with comments like “These results show consumers hungry for all varieties of BlackBerry,” Errrr no it doesn’t. It shows that 4% of consumers are. Meaning 96% (the overwhelming majority) are not at all.

and continues to say

“The strength of these early survey results on the demand for RIM’s new products points to a potentially powerful counteroffensive to Apple’s 3G iPhone”

Don’t make me laugh what 4% will buy and 11% might consider it… I wonder what the other 96% and 89% of people are considering buying hmmm, I’ve a sneaking suspicion iPhone 3G would be returning much higher percentages than these.

Talk about putting spin on something, this article spins so much its wheels fell off!

Check it out in its entirety here


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