General ramblings from an insider within the ever evolving & fast moving world of UK consumer electronics.

Joining the 3Gesus Brigade

Well after enduring months of extreme jealously stemming from the fact that I seem to be the only person in the UK electronics industry without one (Yes Luke, Rob, James, and numerous members of my company’s sales force I’m looking at you). I finally took the plunge and scoured the net to discover my local carphone warehouse had stock :0

Shower, shave, toothbrush still in mouth and hair undone I ran to the car (news of shortages since launch still fresh in my head) and had the most stressful 5 min car journey of my life, damn you middle aged female micra drivers.

Typically my worries were unfounded and stock in store was abundant. sigh 20mins later and its in my hand…. the moment i’d waited for was finally here and oh, the joy, the sure joy of entering the club I was so envious of.

But it will it live up to my expectations, will it make me more of a yuppy than I already am, will it bring me social status and acceptance, is it the messiah!

Time will tell


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